Chitra Parthasarthy

Now you can also be an E-Hero like Chitra!

A retired teacher, Chitra Parthasarthy is a lover of Nature. The rapid environmental degradation made her ponder on how she could do her tiny bit to help arrest this. She and a group of ladies in her ward in Basavangudi began door to door awareness on the need to segregate dry and wet waste. They worked with Hasirudala who helped in collecting and processing dry waste. Three years of unrelenting efforts produced noticeable results.

Her current focus includes e-waste. She helped organise a talk, on e-waste, at her apartment complex, and over 40 people in Basavanagudi attended it to learn more about e-waste disposal and recycle. She is currently helping bE-Responsible by spreading the word about our programme in her area!

Sneha Nandihal!

Now you can also be an E-Hero like Sneha!

Sneha Nandihal, president of the BM Kaval Residents Welfare Association and a banking consultant and was instrumental in helping set up an e-waste bin, jointly by NGO Saahas and Environmental Synergies in Development(Ensyde), NGO, and BM Kaval Residents’ Welfare Association, on CMH Road in east Bengaluru on Saturday last November! She has actively spread bE-Responsible’s message on responsible e-waste collection in her network and community and for that, we would like to recognise her efforts!

Sarthak Kejriwal

Now you can also be an E-Hero like Sarthak!

Sarthak is an enthusiastic young student who has taken various steps to understand the current e-waste management techniques and spread awareness about it. He has worked with Saahas NGO on research on e-waste management. He has also actively been a volunteer, under the bE-Responsible Initiative, in various e-waste collection drives in areas like JP Nagar, Tilak Nagar and Whitefield. He has also conducted surveys across 10 electronic stores in India and conducted a survey in his own apartment, Brigade Metropolis, to understand the consumer trends and people’s awareness with regards to e-waste disposal.

Anuradha Govind

Member - Solid Waste Management Round Table, Volunteer - Whitefield Rising, Cofounder - CityWorks
Now you can also be an E-Hero like Anuradha!

Anuradha spearheaded the bE-Responsible campaign at BEML Layout, Brookefield. While pursuing a successful career in the IT sector, about 9 years ago, Anu got interested in the issue of waste management and started exploring the various facets of it. Although it started as a personal experiment of composting at home, today Anu works full time, exploring the different aspects of solid waste management, at the community level, ward level, zone level and at the city level.

She is involved in various activities in the area of SWM including:creating awareness among children, communities and organizations. working with government, elected representatives and other stakeholders to get SWM solutions and systems implemented on the ground mentoring and guiding students and volunteers.

Shailendrasing Patil

Sasken Technologies, Asst. Manager FMS
Now you can also be an E-Hero like Shailendrasing!

Initiated a great number of sustainable practices at Sasken in various areas including rain water harvesting, solid waste management, dry waste collection, ward level clothes drives, etc.

He along with 20 other volunteers from Sasken joined the bE- Responsible team in a collection drive in Amar Jyoti Layout.


VMWare, Employee
Now you can also be an E-Hero like Nagarajan!

Special thanks to Mr.Nagarajan, a VMWare employee along with the enthusiastic residents of AGs Layout, for initiating a clothes, medical waste and E-waste drive. Happy to have such E- Heroes!


Resident at Purva Park
Now you can also be an E-Hero like Ms.Malini!

Special thanks to Ms.Malini, resident at Purva Park Drive who took up the initiative to conduct a Collection Competition. Happy to have such E- Heroes!

Monisha Lobo

Resident of Richards town
Now you can also be an E-Hero like Monisha Lobo!

Monisha Lobo has worked with the Richards Town Residents Association (RTRA) for the past nine years, handling the solid waste management portfolio. "I feel very proud that as a community, Richards Town segregates nearly 80% of its wet and dry waste," she says. A tireless champion for the environment, she is working toward the effective segregation and management of different types of solid waste, at the ward level. Happy to have such E- Heroes!

Mira Pinto

Resident of 3rd block Koramangala
Now you can also be an E-Hero like Mira Pinto!

Special thanks to Ms. Mira Pinto, resident of 3rd block Koramangala. An active citizen of the community for the past 15 years, she was the driving force behind placing the e-waste drop box at the Koramangala Post Office. Happy to have such E- Heroes!

If you are an RWA, Institution or an Individual and wish to participate in our bE-Responsible Initiative you can reach us at e-waste@ensydeindia.org or info@saahas.org . If you also know anyone like Sarthak who is passionate about the environment and in your eyes an E-hero send us in a write-up and we can recognise them as well!

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