The Road to Self Reliance: Journey of Anand

The Road to Self Reliance

Marching ahead towards achieving the clarion call of Self Reliance a.k.a Atma Nirbharta, bE-Responsible is empowering its staff to engage in entrepreneurial pursuits.

Aligning ourselves with the buzzword of this century, we are happy to share the story of Mr.Anand, 51 years young, who started as a member of the collection team and soon became well-versed with the dynamics of e-waste management.

Being a part of Saahas since 2017, he began his tryst with the e-waste management project bE-Responsible. Little did he know that, three years later; this would lead him to start-up and continue contributing to the environment.


Initially, the project involved collecting e-waste from individual households (non bulk consumers) who volunteered to give their electronic waste. Mr.Anand, along with team, traversed hundreds of kilometers throughout Bengaluru for more than 3 years. The initial period was marked by low collection, increased waiting period and enhanced traveling width; which made the process cumbersome and hectic for the team.

Learning Curve

As the project progressed, it gained momentum and went to the tech-mode, making collection drives hassle free and easy by geo-tagging locations, digitalization of data, identifying patterns and placing e-waste drop boxes at vantage points across the city.

Sending us e-waste through Dunzo and putting e-waste Dropbox bins at places like Bangalore one, MK retail and Post offices further enhanced the prospects, making it more viable and easy to operate. All these enabled him to witness the advent of technology, acquainting him with the back-end work required for the program.

Starting Up

Starting as a member of the collection team, he has steered the vehicle from a few hundred kilograms per month to around four tons a month. It was this dedication and sincerity; coupled with his “Saahas” that enabled him to handle e-waste independently through his firm e-Prakruti.

In a candid chat, he passionately reveals what the future beholds for him. Apart from increasing awareness and outreach among the non-bulk consumers, he is also keen on separating valuable components from e-waste; sustaining and expanding the ambit of e-Prakruti.

He visualizes the future for e-Prakruti excitedly, conveying that age is just a number and all that matters for doing business is “Passion combined with Visionary execution”.

Wishing him the best for his new venture.

His Words

In a candid chat, Mr. Anand reveals his future plans. “Continuing to contribute to the environment, in the near future I intend to hire skilled professionals for handling e-waste and sustaining this business”.

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